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What to Keep in Mind When Planning the Wedding Reception of Your Dreams

After you've had your beautiful wedding and married the person you love most in the world, the fun can continue right away. Before you can say "honeymoon," you'll be heading into the joy of your reception. This is a time of merriment, speeches and maybe a few drinks. Here are a few tips to make sure you plan it just right.

The Venue

When choosing the location of your wedding reception, keep in mind that the venue is key to your event’s success. You need to have a place that is suitable for holding all your wedding guests and that can be set up for everything from dancing to serving food. The place you choose can be close to where your wedding is held or even in the same building, such as a performance hall that's connected to a church. You should also make sure there's plenty of parking available or that guests will be able to take taxis and rideshares easily to the venue.


How you set up a reception space is as crucial as the space you choose. It can be based on a theme that really speaks to you and your spouse. Talk about different color schemes for things like tablecloths and napkins. You can also put up decorations such as balloon art and paper lanterns. This will really add some zest to the atmosphere, with no massive addition to your cost. Carrying over feelings of warmth and love via decorations will also allow you and your guests to feel the specialness of the ceremony throughout the evening.


Seating arrangements at a wedding can be a little tricky to figure out, but putting in the effort to design a good system is worth it. If you have a small guest list, there's no absolute need to have a seating chart. However, with a big crowd, it can save you from some headaches. Put people together who you think would get along. Don't worry about having designated "singles tables" or making sure that all groomsmen and bridesmaids sit together. People will be getting up and out of their seats throughout the event, so even if the seats aren't perfect, it won't matter much.

Receptions can be just as memorable as the actual wedding ceremony and a lot of fun. Your guests will adore you even more for making a reception that lets them really feel appreciated. By the time everyone has cleared out, you'll be very happy that you took the initiative to make it a great reception.

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