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Want Fireworks at Your Wedding? Here’s How to Do It

Although the planning of a wedding is usually shrouded by tradition, it is not unusual to have couples request something outlandish in order to really make their special night stand out. One of the most common requests is the addition of fireworks to their night. Fireworks for centuries have been a sign of celebration, and a wedding is an ultimate celebration for most people. However, before you add that to your list, we highly recommend that you keep a few things in mind.

Get the Appropriate Permits

Most weddings take place within city limits and setting off fireworks can really cost some serious legal troubles for you. Don't place that risk on yourself, always make sure that any explosives (and that is what fireworks are) have the legal approval by the city in which you reside in. The best route to take is to call the company that you are planning to hire as they will often have the most up to date information on firework permits in your city. However, even after checking with your preferred company always make sure to back up that information with the city as the permits will be under your name.

Hire Professionals

Sticking to the point of the company that will be in charge of setting up and showcasing the fireworks, we highly encourage you to go with an established and professional company to get a better result. Hiring that neighbor who calls himself a pro because he lights up the sky every Fourth of July is not a good idea, no matter how good the price is. When amateurs attempt to handle large quantities of full-sized fireworks, that's how accidents happen. When hiring a fireworks company, always make sure to ask for proof such as referrals, video demonstrations, and pricing to name a few. It might seem like you are requesting a lot but having peace of mind is one of the best things to ensure your enjoyment on the day of your wedding.

The Alternatives

Often firework requests may be denied by your city or in other instances; the location can cause fireworks to be instantly dismissed. Although it is very disappointing, you do have alternative options. One of these is the use of large sparklers for your aisle or for when you are getting ready to cut the wedding cake. Sparklers are a much easier thing to manage both legally and in terms of setting up. In addition, they also cost considerably less to obtain than the standard fireworks show. A typical 5 to 10-minute fireworks display can run couples up to $5,000 per session.

Understandably, you want your special night to be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. Adding fireworks to an already explosive night can be a great way to ensure that memory, but you should always consider the logistics of it all. Simply adhere to the list above to begin being proactive about all the things you want on your special night.

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